Welcome to my website!

My name is Sanela. My friends call me Sunny. I was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.
I graduated acting from the University of Arts and this is my greatest love of all. I am also a Reiki practitioner, teacher of the traditional yoga, digital marketing and SEO manager, artist and a wonderlust.

This site is my web space which I call SADU CV (more about SADU CV project later). It is meant to present “everything I am” related to my career path. Why? Because, I believe that you can understand someone only when you know essentials about them.

As I believe in “building new” on a foundation made of the life experience and lessons learnt, I decided to create a portfolio from the future, which is much more advanced than the traditional CV. In a traditional CV people present their titles, education and experience as recommended “as short as sweet”. Along with a CV companies now expect you to send the Cover letter where you will convince the employer you are the right person for them. And if you pass the first step, you get to eventually talk to the HR of the given company.

Here is the moment where the idea of the SADU CV has been created. I can’t tell enough about myself in one short interview. I can’t share all my experience and lessons learnt. I can’t present everything I am because at that moment my presentation solily depends of the one who interviews me.

There is a huge advice going around saying that one should present mostly what is related to THAT particular position they are applying for. And I don’t believe in that! I believe that a person has so much more to give behind that interview. Behind the answers on given questions. Behind the traditional CV and a cover letter.

That’s why I created the SADU CV.

You will find here everything about me related to my career path. My goals, vision and mission, education, occupation, testimonials, letters of recommendation from my past employers, certificates, my hobbies and some more fun stuff!

Enjoy and feel free to leave me some comments below, ask questions and connect with me through my social networks 🙂

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