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My name is Sanela. My friends call me Sunny. I was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I graduated acting from the University of Arts and this is my greatest love of all. I feel that everything I have done in my life regarding my career path, I have done because of acting.


I believe in destiny and that we all have chosen our path before we manifested in this physical world. I have been following the momentum of my life most of the time, taking all the "suggestions" life has been giving me along the way. This way of living brought me to the point where I am now, experiencing growth with each step I make.


This place is meant to present me and my work in a form of a portfolio. It is dedicated not only to my acting career but to everything else I have been doing and will be doing. Something like Curriculum Vitae 🙂

In the meantime, I became a certified Reiki master practitioner and Reiki 888 master practitioner, a certified Yoga teacher from the Himalayan school of traditional yoga, and a certified Digital marketing and SEO manager.

sanela-milosevicI also spent 8 years working in the cruise industry as a member of the entertainment department and later on in retail as a sales and marketing manager and luxury goods, port, and shopping expert. I fell in love with the diamond industry and luxury goods. Had a great time being a guest's "best friend", shopping angel, and advisor when comes to having a great time in the Caribbean ports of call while buying the perfect keepsake.


I am in love with my family. And I love loving them every day.
I am also in love with animals, nature, and interacting with them. Interacting with people makes me smile, and helping and assisting those who need that makes me happy!

That is probably the reason why my career path stretched into several roads taking me to the same place!

The things I love and enjoy doing every day are meditation and puzzles 🙂


That's a bit about me now. On this website, I am going to be sharing my travel experience, will blog about Reiki, Traditional yoga and meditation, and Digital marketing. You will find many interesting things here, even help when comes to choosing your directions whether you want to change your career path and become an online entrepreneur or perhaps you would like to dive into a spiritual journey.

Now I would love to hear something about you!
Who are you, where you come from, and what is your favorite thing to do? Let's chat a bit 🙂


34 Thoughts on “About Sanela”

  • Hi Sunny, thanks for sharing your story. It’s incredible to see that you have many things to share. Sometimes, I wish that I have a lot of talents like you so I can choose a lot of career paths. Do you think it’s possible to develop multiple skills at once when I’m not that young again? I want to see what you will share in the blog. Hopefully, I can take some inspiration from your articles here 🙂

    • Absolutely! No matter what age we are it’s never too late to learn and relearn! 
      Hope to see you around! 

  • Thank you for sharing with us your journey as you got started in the online world and also some glimpse about your life. I know that there are a lot of opportunities online. But not knowing exactly what to do, makes us unable to take advantage of these opportunities. I’m grateful you’re willing to share your experience with us concerning what worked and what didn’t work for you online.

  • Wow your work really seems to be very extraordinary. I must admit that I feel a lot more trusting now that I know who the person behind this valuable information is. And I’m a say that I really appreciate all the information you provide on your website which is why I surf around it so much. I am glad to know more about you and your work is truly amazing

  • HI Sanela. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I find your blog very inspiring and full of positive energy, and we all need a lot of it in these difficult times.  I’m practicing yoga and meditation by myself and looking forward to your post in these areas. I’m very curious about your experiences and advice, and I hope I will be able to learn something new from you.

  • Hi Sunny
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about yourself. As you correctly said, physical world is what we manifested and is the opening of all our karmas. You have been on an exciting journey into the life and I’m very happy that you enjoyed it .I believe that a person who knows what he needed to do and take appropriate actions is very lucky and you are one of them . So enjoy the journey and all the best wishes
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  • Wow Sunny, you have achieved a lot and you are still going strong.  Sharing your travels even though it looks as though you are a very busy person.  I wish I had your ambitions.  I do live in Florida and I love the beach.  So I started a blog about beach travel destinations.  It has become quite a passion for me.

    • Blogging about beach travel destinations is a great choice! And it’s a great niche – it’s going to be very strong as soon as the cruise industry starts rolling again! 

      Good luck! 

  • Hi there, Sanela! Thanks for sharing your unique background. That is really cool that you did so many things in your life from acting, reiki master practitioner, yoga teacher, digital marketing, and SEO manager. You have such a wide array of experiences and I think this is great to keep variety and excitement in one’s life. 

  • Thanks for creating this website which you are going to use as your portfolio.

    You certainly have had a lot of experiences so far and no doubt will have many more.  Acting, singing and travelling the high seas, what could be more exciting.

    i look forward to hearing about your travel adventures, as I’m sure they will be interesting and exciting to read.

    Kerp the posts coming.

  • Hi Sunny! Thank you so much for sharing with us about yourself!i have never been to Serbia before but I love to visit as soon as we can travel freely again. One of my friends used to work on a cruise too as an entertainer and boy it seems like fun but hard at the same time to settle. I am glad that I get to know you more!

  • Hi Sunny, nice to meet you! Reading the summary of your past experiences makes me wonder about all the places you’ve visited and the people you’ve met. Quite an exciting life I must say 🙂 I was wondering, you being an actress, which type of characters do you enjoy playing the most? Those that are very different from you? Or maybe those that are very challenging to play? Anyway, it was nice reading your story and I look forward to looking at your website.


    • Hi Alex, this reminded me of one of my dreams, and that is to play in a horror movie 🙂 I hope that will happen one day too! 

  • Hi Sunny,

    It watched your clip of you as Estelle. You’re a very good actress! Have you been in theatre plays, and which ones? 

    I’m not an actress, but I’m an author. I love writing and I published several books already. I’m working on more now. 

    Your website looks interesting, I will bookmark it. I’m sure there will be lots of interesting stuff 🙂

    • Hi Christine, that’s awesome! Share your books here, I will be happy to read them! 
      Among all others, I was lucky to play in Shakespeare’s Richard the Third and that is probably my favorite one! 
      I will share other experiences here soon 🙂 

  • Hello, Sunny, thank you so much for your open mindset. I enjoyed reading this. You look beautiful, you’ve got the look! You have a great voice and a heart of gold. You have almost the same life as I have. I love to live a free life, looking over the horizon and try out what I think is best for me. I am a singer-songwriter, have circumnavigated the world, rebuild old houses, play the bass guitar, be a Yoga teacher, and have a Health Blog where I try to help people.

     With your mentality, you can live a great and adventurous life. I love how you motivate other people with your energy. It is strong, and you can help so many people out there to build up the same. I wish you all the luck in the future. This Lady is gonna make it.


    • Hey Monique, reading your comment I thought I would love to see your work too! 
      Why don’t you share some links here? 🙂 

  • This is such a lovely story about yourself Sunny. And I must say that you are so qualified. You seem to have worked in a number of very enviable jobs too. Lucky you!

    I had wanted to connect with you regarding Global MoneyLine. But I did not get a response from you. I wish to join under you for the reason that your review of MoneyLine explained it better than any other review I have read. 

    Please get in touch by private message with Aparna155 within WA. Thanks. 



  • This is a very beautiful website!  It is nice to meet you and I love that you will be blogging about both travel and meditation, because I love both of those!  As far as traveling goes, is there any particular place that you like to visit?  Also, have you found that meditation and yoga looks different in different cultures?

    • Hi Jessie, I like exotic places, would love to go to Australia and New Zealand next. And regarding meditation and yoga, yes I find that different cultures adjust these practices a bit according to their beliefs. 

  • Hi sunny, this is a great story and thanks for sharing it with us.

    I’ve recently turned 25 and I’ve decided that I need a career change myself. So this story caught my eye and inspired me. I’m currently working in hospitality but I’ve been thinking about studying music as I play guitar and would love to take it even further. Just goes to show you can do anything no matter what age you are. 

  • Thank you for this very interesting website, I look forward to seeing all that you offer. My wife is really into meditation and I love Digital Marketing. I have been working on Cruise Ships for a few years and I love traveling so much, looking forward to any future traveling experiences you may share. Take care!

    • Hey Jean, that’s so interesting that we have been doing similar/same things in life! What cruise line you worked for? 

  • Hi Sunny,
    Great to read some more of your life story! I would love to hear more about your experience in the cruise entertainment industry! That must have been really challenging to spend so much time on a ship, doesn’t it?
    I’ve never worked in that industry myself, but I am a certified yoga/meditation teacher and I’m also a Reiki healer. Although, I never went for the mastership of it. Reiki is more for myself and my loved ones.

    • Hi Virendra, I am so happy to hear you are practicing Reiki, yoga, and meditation as well. Reiki is so powerful, and your loved ones are blessed to have you there. 

  • It sounds like you have accomplished quite a bit in your life so far! I am really impressed. I like the format of your website. The graphics work well with the content. I also enjoyed watching YouTube videos. It’s very interesting that your career path took so many steps. 

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store! 


  • Hey Sanela! How wonderful of you to have shared your background! I have to say you, I was wowed by all that you have accomplished in your life so far- good on you! Seems like you succeeded in everything you got your hands wet in- this is awesome and not many people can do what you do. I look forward to what your website has to offer and will make sure I do keep a close eye to keep following and learning from you every step of the way. Did you find yourself struggling when you switched careers from acting to reiki, to yoga, to digital marketer? I am curious to know how your transition went 🙂

    • Hi Sasha, 

      Thanks so much! 
      Regarding your question, I haven’t really switched between my career paths. I just fulfilled some other paths I wanted to take or which came my way. One doesn’t exclude another. I love to be involved in all of them and they definitely are in great interaction. That’s all a life experience. Fulfilling our dreams one by one, helps us grow in many areas of our life, and honestly, I feel that the most important thing along the life journey is to enjoy the things we do! 

  • Hi Sanela! Thank you so much for sharing a little of your amazing personality with us! You have so many wonderful talents and gifts to share with the world! I think it’s amazing you are putting them all together to help people all over the world!! I may be contacting you about a Reiki session, I have always had an interest in that!

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